Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do Ya Dig?

Pathetically, I am not updating this as regularly as I need to be doing. But then, that shouldn't be surprising, really. I love the Lord, with all my heart. But, my life is busy. Finding time to pick up a Bible and read is never easy. That doesn't mean I am not learning, though. I am learning constantly.

I wrote a post on my other blog about Barack Obama and the fact that he actually picked up a shovel to help flood victims. I mentioned that James 2:14-18 says that if you tell someone "Go I wish you well" when they need food or clothing, what good is your faith. James says that faith is deeds. And I agree.

This is a challenge to me. I need to work out my faith, with fear and trembling... figure out what it looks like in the real world, not just in church on Sundays. I am trying to be real. After all, once the lights go out, that's all there is.

how about you? Where's your shovel?

T, who is just trying to keep it real

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